danielle o'neill

a student of life, learning and sharing along the way.

be KInd. be authentic. Lead with love.

My work is about:
Childlike wonder. Unrestrained fun. Whimsicality. Pleasure. Empathy. Honesty. Individuality. Recovery from low self-worth. Critical thinking. Questioning "authority." Setting boundaries. Abandoning judgment (yes, it's tough). Fiercely expressing personal truths. Loving people when it's hard. Learning to say "no" when appropriate. Vulnerability. Repairing body image in a disordered world. Emotion regulation. Healing from toxic shame. Faith in an infinitely-loving Higher Power. Learning from life's journey. Gathering wisdom along the way. Speaking my mind verbally and nonverbally. Learning to make a life while making a living. Making cool things people can enjoy. Putting my heart and soul into every ounce of it all. Surrendering to the process.

all of us. and we're better together.

Let’s celebrate each other. Let’s be kind and true – and encourage others to do the same.