Welcome, my friend.

I’ve always been a collector of fragments – ideas, images, thoughts, emotions, different colored feathers inspirational news clippings, etc. One of my goals is to make peace and have some fun with the abstract thoughts and vivid hues that swirl in my scattered, restless mind.

The art of mixing, remixing, and sharing content that truly moves me has transformed my life. On some of my darkest nights of anxiety and depression, I found relief in rolling up my sleeves and making zany concoctions of different colors, textures, words and images via the canvas and digital media. This joyful, childlike part of myself came alive and decided it wanted to stick around.

Depending on my mood, I put on deep house music, hip remixes of 70s disco tunes, sappy love songs from the 80s-90s (you know you love them, too), or some really fantastic gospel music. Once the beat rolls in, I throw in paint or scribble in whatever I have on hand, mixing my own stuff together. I’m collaborating with all of these invisible creative forces. When I create, I feel a sense of total surrender, freedom and exuberance. I’m compelled to share my joy with you in ways I really can’t verbalize (although you can probably see that I’m trying to, LOL!). I want you to celebrate in this mess of color with me.

Let me tell you a few fun facts about me:

I’m a sensitive soul and romantic at heart. I also have a fiery side! I love expressing myself both non-verbally through my art and by talking out my viewpoints via my podcast, Misfit Wisdom with Danielle O’Neill. Check it out HERE! I don’t pretend to know more than anyone else – I just like to share my truths and create a sense of community for like-minded people.

My passions are zoos, cats, herbology and scent mixing, 80s cult-classics such as “Mannequin” and “The Secret of My Success,” the squirrel who hangs out on my fire escape, libraries, funky eyeglasses, frozen champagne (yes!), cocktail making, craft whiskey, soap bubbles, and of course, my indoor trampoline. I live in the New York, NY area with my husband and two cats.